Meet Three Broomsticks.
The Three Broomsticks is a café & restaurant nestled in the beautiful and quaint Hogsmeade Village.
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398 North 23th Dumbledore Street,
Hogsmeade Village, Britain.
Tuesday - Saturday: 9a.m - Close.
Sunday: 10a.m - Close.
Monday: Closed.
Modern Wizard cuisine inspired by traditional artisan methods.
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Discover Our Menu.
Menu changes frequently, here is a
sample of what may be available.
News & Events.
Three Broomsticks is your best
café & restaurant in the Hogsmeade.
Meet Our Chef.
Three Broomsticks delivers original cuisine with unusual depth and consectetur a finibus at, placerat vitae purus.”

Pokey McKing

Executive Chef of Three Broomsticks.

Meet Our Chef.
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